Game questions


Do I have to purchase from a store in my region?

No, pick the one that's most convenient for you.

Who do I contact if I have questions about a purchase?

You should contact the store you're purchasing from (the following links lead to the contact forms of each store).

Why do you take tips on

Because we haven't found out how to disable them…


How do I get into Mega Drive development?

For most people, the recommended route is to learn the C programming language and then pick up SGDK (Sega Genesis Development Kit). SGDK is a framework that lets you program in C for the Mega Drive, and also comes bundled with a bunch of tools that let you convert graphics, music, etc.

If you're willing to do things the hard way and go low level (an absolute must for games squeezing performance to the extreme), learn 68000 assembly and look up Mega Drive hardware documentation.

For a more modern game engine experience, you may want to look at BigEvilCorp's Beehive and Luminary.

What tools do you use for Mega Drive development?